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oppression is not a feeling. reducing it how to a community ‘feels’ they are being treated minimizes the violences that are enacted upon them, makes structural injustices a matter of perception of individual acceptance or rejection of oppressive conditions. oppression creates feelings, definitely. it creates trauma, internalized conflict, dissonance, confusion. but oppression is not a feeling.
Ngọc Loan Trần, quoted in this fabulous Black Girl Dangerous article. 

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Today I received a package from Coastal Scents with some new products to test out.
And the first thing I pulled out was something I initially thought had gone mouldy, but upon closer inspection I realised it was African Black Soap - phew! Lol…

For many years, Ghanaians have pressed and used this 100% natural African Black Soap, as it has been known to help to with issues such as acne, oily skin, blemishes, and other skin problems.
As well as the above, African Black Soap is also known for soothing skin irritations and conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.
It removes makeup, dirt, and oil while leaving the skin super clean, creating a healthy fresh glow.

I gave it a go for the first time today, and my face feels very smooth like it’s had a deep clean and been exfoliated.
I’ll see how I get on with it and update you in a few weeks.

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